Environment & Agriculture

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In an endeavour to contribute to a greener and cleaner society, Ms Jindal’s Foundation has been leading the JSP foundation team to keep focusing on sustainable agricultural practices and also in creating a hazard-free, healthy environment for the society to live in. Her team works with the approach of creating synergetic partnerships between itself, the people and the government by using Triple Bottom Line as an approach for achieving sustainable development by various measures of modern and sustainable agricultural practices, community plantations, dairy farming and so on. In line with this unique approach to its CSR activities, the Foundation has supported two Micro-Watershed Management Projects in Angul at Odisha and WADI Development Programme in Tamnar at Chhattisgarh benefitting the farmers and their families.

Major Programmes:

  • Participatory Watershed Development
  • WADI Programme
  • SRI Method of Rice Cultivation
  • Krishi Vikas Program and Agricultural Practices
  • Dairy Farming and Bee Farming