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A Woman of Many Shades

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Ms Shallu Jindal, the Chairperson of JSP Foundation and Jindal Art Institute is a highly accomplished Kuchipudi danseuse and a noted social contributor. She is the Chancellor of OP Jindal University (Raigarh), Vice President Flag Foundation of India, former Chairperson of National Bal Bhavan under the Union Ministry of HRD, and the Founder President of Young FICCI Ladies Organisation (YFLO).

Born to one of the most respected, elite and renowned families of Punjab, Shallu Jindal is married to Naveen Jindal, a successful industrialist, philanthropist and sportsperson who has represented India on numerous national and international platforms including the Asian Games. She is also a devoted mother of two very talented children, whom she touts as her biggest blessing in life.

Deeply religious, she believes that if she is destined and blessed, she must do all she can, in her own humble way, to tangibly help the not-so-privileged. Apart from playing multiples roles & inspiring women all over, she has also authored her first book for children- India –An Alphabet ride in 2014.

Shallu Jindal

Her Journey



Drawing inspiration from icons like Winston Churchill and Ramakrishna Paramhans, Ms Shallu Jindal spends considerable time spearheading social interventions in the field of women empowerment, education, health, sanitation, water and other connected national problems. She firmly believes that we all are an intrinsic part of one large family and those of us who are privileged must never isolate ourselves, but work tirelessly for the creation of a just, healthy, happy and harmonious society. She is convinced that the underlying reason we all must wholeheartedly take up this onerous responsibility is because God has destined and ordained us and this must never be lost sight of.

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In order to awaken people, it is the woman who has to be awakened. Once she is on the move, the household moves, the village moves, the nation moves.

- Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru