Immortalising India

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    India – An Alphabet Ride

    Authored by Ms Shallu Jindal, India – An Alphabet Ride, is an effort to make India intelligible for children. The book uses brilliant illustrations and alphabets to give young minds an opportunity to learn about this diverse country and its history in an interesting manner.

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    Freedom Book

    Compiled by Shallu Jindal, Freedom, a book that is the size of your palm, brings together the words and ideas of a nation as diverse as India. It is designed with the colours of the Indian flag and is inked with quotes, ideas, poems, and excerpts from speeches by well-known Indians.

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    A pictorial tribute to the Indian Flag, Tiranga, is a coffee table book that tells the story of India through stunning images. Overseen by Shallu Jindal, the book features pictures of jawans celebrating victory on the heights of Kargil, incandescent joy of children waving the flag, the frenzied passion of the India-Pakistan cricket series and more, thereby, opening a small window for the readers and viewers to glance at the beauty and diversity of this exceptionally unique country and its people.

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    My Life, My Words - Remembering Mahatma Gandhi

    'My Life, My Words - Remembering Mahatma Gandhi,' is a book which claims to reintroduce the Father of the Nation to the mainstream. It was launched as a tribute to the late leader on the 60th anniversary of his martyrdom. The book contains some of the finest pearls of Mahatma Gandhi's wisdom and offers readers a simple and yet profound introduction to his life and words.